Friday, February 25, 2011

The omitted "listening to" section:

From the last entry, I omitted my "listening to" section. This is germane as ramon speed has moved to new digs. William Speed has taken over the finished part of the basement (a slow and steady war of attrition). In any event, ramon has moved to the utility room, which is most aptly named. The room is where I listen now to the "listening to."

Anyway, that's where it happens and here's what it is:

1.  PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
2.  The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys
3.  Firehose - Mr. Machinery Operater (a recent re-find)
4.  The Pixies - Come on Pilgrim (in anticipation with JPW)
5.  Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be

that is all.

- ramon

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bob Claymore's Kryptonite

Hello Folks,

Still hunkered down with some projects. As previously noted, I am re-mixing Godspeed for a epic triple cassette release. Yes, the first incarnation was a double cassette, but the re-issue will contain unreleased material, comp appearances and outtakes. Second, I am final mixing tracks for a split (potential....fingers crossed) with Snowstorm (Kevin Monotone's). This is great work, but taking some time. Kevin Speed and I have been working on new and old material. In between all of this, I get the chance to read a few things. From recent musings I have gleaned that not everyone liked last year's "Effulgence and Alacrity - ep".


I don't know how to respond to Mssr. Claymore, but think that it suffices to say that the record was not his bag of tea. I don't think it's important to point out to this illiterate mutt that just because he needed a dictionary to untangle the title of the record does not mean its inappropriatly named. What I tried to capture with the title is that these songs were produced with enthusiasm and eagerness. I also tried to capture the brightness and radiance I felt in recording these songs, after not having produced music like this in so long. That radiance is also evidenced in each beat of Kevin Speed's drums, which without question, shine forth brilliantly. So, it matters not to me that he didn't approve of the title, becuase that title meant so much to me. I I would also note that, while it is nice to hear kinder words regarding this project, like those of Luigi: 

and Jason:

that is not what motivated and compelled me to make this record.  Those are verily distilled in the title to the piece. I think that, at least, Claymore was honest in his estimations, which is exactly what I sought to be in recording this ep.  

On a side note, whatever pretentions Mssr. Claymore observed from the title (or general appearance) of the record, I find it hard to believe that these can be attributed to the actual music. So the vocal quality didn't meet his approval. I hope this is because he didn't like the form and character of the voice (often I don't) and not the fact that recording on a Tascam 4-track necessarily limits the quality of full band recordings, the vocals often suffering the brunt of that. Similarly, I hope that Claymore simply didn't like the music and not the hiss and crash that are nearly unavoidable when recording in such a manner. Finally, I relish a review like Claymore's becuase I am keenly aware that ramon speed music is not for everyone. That type of music is best left to others.

So, despite the acerbic tone of Claymore's opinions I am glad for his review and especially that it was informed by actually listening to the record.

That is all.