Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fixed, remixed, onward and up!

Speed gear is back from Benske. All fixed and sounding solid. Alas, this means back to work. During the 3 weeks of repair, I've been re-mixing Godspeed for release on Unread in a triple cassette format. Third tape is outtakes, unreleased material (ahem, Little Jupiter) and compilation appearances.  Also, in final mix stage for a possible split release with Unread/Monotone superstars Snowstorm. Appearance would be ramon speed w/ Wooden Horses (aka Ryan Anderlee and Jourdain Lafroimboise).  Ramon is backed by the Wooden Horses' beats and chords ala Ryan's sonic baritone guitar and Jourdain's heavy handed drums. Will know more on that when the final mix is ready.   Also, slowly emerging is a 15 year anniversary product with Robot Zito to commemorate the release of "Held Longer than Haikus but Shorter than Odes." Tony is busy so his songs are still rising up from the ash.

Now back to work. RS and Kevin and trying to bring our chef in residence Ben Bartlett into our weird fold for the new RS material. I agree with Kevin that the two-piece was a valiant effort, but too hard to hear live. We did, however, fly awfully close to the sun. A tune or two from the Reptile Palace may show up on the Godspead third tape.   We have a lot of work to do and are hoping that in addition to Ben, Jourdain ("I played keys on tour with Maritime") can help out. Erin is still to busy this year with, well with all her endeavors including Group of the Altos to help out. Maybe next year. She wishes us well and sends support our way.  We hope to have a working copy of full length recordings by the first of the year. Hey that's just being realistic.   In all events, with all equipment humming and in tow, there is nary an excuse form getting it on.

Stay tuned to the tunage.

That is all.

- Ramon

Listening to:

Versus - On the Ones and Threes
Film School - Fission
Amps for Christ - Every Eleven Seconds
Robyn - Body Talk (Part II)
The Walkmen - Lisbon

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