Monday, March 7, 2011

Stun Organ

I am reveling in the discovery of ramon speed's new stun organ.  Neighbors gave ramon a keyboard.  Power cord wont power, but AAs do.  Also, can't get the direct line to run through the Roland, BUT......can run it direct through limiter/gate to the 4-track. Results on tone no. 12 is the awesome new ramon speed stun organ.

Also, many great contacts on my last post regarding Bob Claymore's not-so-flattering review of the "Effulgence and Alacrity - ep."   OJK replies that RS should name its next effort "Wimpy mushmouthed snorewads" from the opening clause of Mr. Claymore's review. It is a pithy phrase.

Am finally nearing the end of the re-mixes for Unread's triple-tape re-release of Godspeed. The third tape is a real corker, and we've included on that piece of plastic the title track from the E & A - ep, which did not make the EP, but did make the release show at Alex and Nicole's Gallery Night.  Lots of other old gems that would've otherwise remained under a rock. Thanks Chris for eliciting these.

Finally, just two tracks (of six) yet to be mixed for the hopeful comp with Snowstorm (Kevin Monotone). I understand he has recorded some for this.

I will not post again til these two look-back projects are done and RS is again oriented forward.

Anyway, am totally psyched with the stun organ. Think the Joy Formidable "The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade."  Sweet!

That is all

- ramon

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