Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Good morning Speedsters,

We are fresh off our appearance at Unread Recors & Tape's 19th Annual Junkfest. We were fortunate enough to take part in this wonderful event, marshalled by Unread's inimitable, Christopher Fischer. Money made its way into the box and electricity abounded. We shared the floor with the likes of Charlie McAlister, Chauchat, The Debts, Simon Joyner, Ed Gray, the Prairies, Lonnie Methe, Places we Slept and Ender. This was Unread's last Hoorah in Omaha as Chris is re-locating to Pittsburgh in January. We will miss the glow and hum of mid-town Omaha in November. On tap were several of Unread's new releases, including our Godspeed triple tape, our new cassingle (on CDR), a brand new Unread compilation (featuring ramon speed's "Little Teisco") and tapes and records from Charlie McAlister, Noah Sterba, David Kenneth Nance and others. This show was also, in a fashion, David Nance's Omaha swan song as he is departing the Good Life for the good life in Los Angeles. So, it was particularly great to spend an evening at the old Gunboat with David, Simon, Chris (x2) and all the Omaha folk. As my good friend re-iterates, you can take the punk out of the basement, but you can't take the basement out of the punk.

If you were not at Junkfest (and you should've been) you can find the Godspeed triple tape (complete with digital downloads), as well as a host of other great music here:

Also, the w/Wooden Horses cassingle is out now on Almost Halloween Time Records. This four-song cassingle is limited to a run of 31 copies, each with hand painted covers done by AHT's artist in residence and chief, Luigi Falagario. I have CDR's available also, but take a run at getting one of the coveted originals here:

Having put the past to rest, ramon speed will now endeavor in the new year toward new tunage. Rob, Kevin and George will be working on a full length of all new material come 2013. We also are planning an Eastward venture taking us through Ann Arbor and hopefully as far as Sandy battered N.J.

We are thankful this time of year for good family, good friends and great tunage. If you have questions or concerns, love or hate mail, please contact us at:

 'til 2013, speed on.

- ramon

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